About Us

OUR Mission

Elli The Brand strives to empower women to live their best and most authentic lives by harnessing the power of fashion to express who you are. Founded in 2021 in Toronto, our designs are inspired by a love of luxury and a desire to feel confident, trendy, and bold. Perfecting the art of the accessory, we create high-quality vegan accessories that complement any outfit and every occasion. 

OUR Goal

Elli's products are vegan and cruelty free and made in small batches to ensure there is no waste heading to the landfills. We strive for our products to remain staples in your wardrobe and disrupt the cycle of over consumption- with good basics, you'll have endless options.

As we grow, sustainability remains one of our top priorities. We will always strive to be as sustainable as possible- from our raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping materials. 








 This brand is dedicated to my grandmother, Nora.